Refurb Renovation News thoughts on the ColourReader from DataColor

by Francesca

We’ve all been there; whilst looking for interior design inspiration, you come across the perfect colour of teal that would look absolutely gorgeous with your brand new furniture, but you can’t accurately record the colour, or find a similar match. You spend hours trying to manually colour match, but get nowhere.

This is where a tech savvy, gadget comes into play, the ColourReader from DataColor. It is a small device, which with a quick click of a button, identifies a near-identical match to that perfect colour of teal instantly, and even gives you a few similar shades as well.

It works by downloading the app and from there, you can scan away! Using Bluetooth technology, you are able to connect via your smartphone or Android and then using the software through the app, you can begin to scan various colours on walls, cushions you name it!

I found this device so convenient and easy to use, and having just moved into a new home, it is proving very helpful to find colours that match my colour scheme. I simply scanned a colour of a wall in a shop, and I was very impressed with the match as well as the complementary colours from various brands. One of the impressive features of the app is the option to create your own colour palettes, which helps to visualise all the various colour shades together.

This device would be perfect for interior designers, graphic designers, decorators and anyone that is looking to take on a design project/refurb, helping to achieve the perfect overall colour aesthetic. Additionally, with many more people getting into DIY, this device would be perfect for anyone to try out.

The device is small and compact, which is perfect for storage purposes and to carry around places with you, helping you to conveniently find colours on the go. One of its most impressive features is the software and the app itself, I haven’t come across anything like this before, and it was great to scan various colours I came across whilst out, and gain some inspiration. Another great feature is that the battery is rechargeable, and the app has many language settings.

Overall this is a fantastic device which makes projects a lot easier, and helps with colour matching and finding particular colours with ease. It is affordable for the type of product it is and the technology, it also helps massively with colour decisions and speeding up the process of design and refurbishment projects.

This is a device I will continue to use, and I would highly recommend this to anyone that is taking on a new project, as it can be hard to match similar colours together and visualise colours together, you will be impressed by what this device does and it will push your interior design decisions to the next level.

By Francesca Amato- Editorial Assistant

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