REHAU supports trades by raising profile with home renovators

by Francesca

With OnePoll recently reporting that homeowners are now spending twice as much time on home improvements than they did before the lockdown, REHAU has launched a new campaign to educate home renovators on window materials.

With many lockdown savings potentially being directed towards home renovations, REHAU aims to help its fabricators and installers take advantage of this buoyant market by making the modern-day case for PVC compared with traditional materials.  

Launched this week, the downloadable guide from REHAU titled Which window material suits your lifestyle? explores the demands of modern life and how they relate to homeowners’ choice of windows. It will then be amplified via a digital marketing campaign to capture homeowners at specific points in their research journey.

Homeowners commonly seek a number of different things from their homes, including aesthetics, security and sustainability – all at the same time as wanting to save their hard-earned cash. In response to these requirements, the guide considers a number of key issues regarding window profile materials, to ensure it is best-suited to their lifestyle.

“When developing the guide, it was important for us to consider what homeowners want out of their window solutions, while also trying to change some perceptions of PVC,” says Clare Higgins, Product Manager for Window Solutions at REHAU UK. “Within the guide, we share all of the options available to consumers, and ask questions that should be considered when selecting a window frame solution.”

“Tapping into trends, we detail the advantages and disadvantages of the options available and provide technical information to balance aesthetic appeal with practical concerns such as ongoing maintenance, thermal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.”

In the past, homeowners have opted for aluminium and wooden frames for a visually attractive, durable and dependable solution. However, innovation within PVC now means that it has become a better alternative within the fenestration industry, that exceeds purchaser expectations, both visually and in terms of performance. The guide delves into how the technology has moved on.

The campaign forms part of a wider strategy to connect the consumer with tradespeople. REHAU Connect is a bespoke platform that supports installer planning, selling and quoting for REHAU’s Authorised Partners. By creating more awareness around the merits of PVC for modern life, REHAU ultimately aims to grow the sales pipeline for businesses across the country. 

Clare continues, “this campaign is all about helping our fabricators and installers sell more windows. It’s been a tough year for everyone but it’s now so exciting to hear about the uptake in home renovation spending. This is the first consumer campaign of many to come so we look forward to seeing what feedback we get.”

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