Staycation? Turn your house into a playground and experiment

by Francesca

Staycations are the big thing this summer and what a great opportunity to give your home a fresh new look. Inspired by the playfulness trend, the Quick-Step design team has gathered our most fun-loving floors so that you can experiment to your heart’s desire with cheerful colours, organic shapes and playful patterns.

Why so Serious?

The playfulness trend has been on the up for some time, working as a counterbalance to strict minimalism, but the need for a playful interior is now greater than ever. Since lockdown began, we have rediscovered our home as a safe haven where we can relax and be ourselves.

Just as the Memphis movement challenged mainstream design in the eighties, the call for personality and eclecticism is reverberating once again. Fun is the new creed, but you don’t need to take that too seriously either. Because what’s delightful about the trend is that there are no rules.

The message is to play and experiment, just as long as it makes you feel good. So why not regard your home as a playground? Mix and match to your heart’s desire with colours, textures and patterns and create a warm home with positive vibes.

A rose-tinted view

Why not experiment with your floor? The new Quick-Step Signature painted oak rose is perfect for adding uplifting colour to your home. Want to go a step further? Then combine various colours for a statement floor that really puts a personal stamp on your interior.

Thanks to the broad range of designs, the Signature laminate collection from Quick Step lends itself to endless experimentation. Oak’s delightfully soft patina is a beautiful match for painted strips of white pink.

With Signature you can also let yourself go and play with geometric patterns. For example, you can lay chromatic stripes with white and black painted oak from the Signature laminate collection. Thanks to Quick Step’s unique clicking system, personalising your interior is child’s play.

Colouring outside the lines

Your floor can form the basis for an interior that speaks about your soul. Lively colours, but understated, determine the palette. Paint your walls a shade of gentle lemony yellow or pastel pink, for example. These paint colours combine beautifully with other pastel tones and rust hues.

Finish with accessories in deeper colours such as vibrant blue for a room palette that produces energy yet radiates a certain softness. To keep that playful spirit, make sure that rigid lines give way to round curves, flowing arches and organic shapes. To keep your new scheme exciting and full of depth, you can combine these gentle shades and forms with a broad range of textures and patterns.

Do you have any boards left over after fitting your floor? Give free rein to your creativity and dare to colour outside the lines. How about a tabletop made from pink laminate boards? Or what about sawing boards into gorgeous organic shapes? With playful details you can give your interior a truly personal touch. The bottom line? Anything is possible. As long as it makes you happy.

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