Teal and pretty pastels set to inspire decorating schemes this Spring

by Francesca

Vibrant teal and dreamy pastels are some of the most exciting new shades to consider when it comes to decorating projects this spring.

Premium paint brand Colourtrend – which is celebrating its 70th anniversary in May – has unveiled five harmonious new shades in its latest Colour Edit Volume 3 – including its hero hue, Petrol.

This charming blue – a rich and inviting azure – has been chosen alongside the brand’s spring-fresh Pantry Blue, Lowland, Mucky Swan and New Grange, as the most trending shades of the season.

Curated by Colourtrend’s team of experts, the palette combines a mixture of revitalising blues and warm-toned pastels that help to create a fresh and vibrant feel all year round.

Ellen McEvoy, Head of Marketing and Digital at Colourtrend, said: “In Spring 2023 we will savour a mixture of brighter colours which represent joy and comfort and help to lift the spirits.

“Greens, blues and pinks in particular are set to be popular, and will become the new neutrals, creating a soothing and tranquil atmosphere.

“Designed with longevity in mind, this beautiful colour palette is perfect for kicking off spring, combining a strong hero colour with the earthiness and warmth of almost pastel-toned neutrals.


Colour: Petrol (Walls)

It can be difficult to choose between blues and greens, however, Petrol offers the perfect combination of both. Inspired by nature, this is a dynamic colour, that can be both energising and calming at the same time. Petrol is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets, paired with soft neutrals, ensuring your kitchen will be the envy of others.

Petrol is also a popular choice for panelling. Elevate your bedroom with Petrol as a feature wall, paired with a neutral like Mucky Swan, to create your very own sanctuary. Add in different textures, such as fabrics and flooring and you will never want to leave.

Petrol is a great colour to add a pop to a room, it offers a rich depth of colour and again can be paired with many different tones and colours in both paint and accessories.” explains Mary Kelly, Colourtrend Colour Consultant.

Colour: Pantry Blue (Walls)

Pantry Blue is a universal colour, it can be used in so many different spaces. From bedrooms to home offices, Pantry Blue is a calming yet contemporary shade. It’s also a wonderful choice for adding some colour to a room as it pairs so well with both earthy neutrals and deeper tones. 

Woodwork is also a great way to elevate your space with minimal work. Caroline Hurley, Co-Founder of Feather and Stone Studios and Interior Architect, suggests “using the gorgeous Spring-fresh Pantry Blue on doorways and architraves is a beautiful way to incorporate this colour and complement the whole scheme.”

Colour: Newgrange (Walls)

Newgrange is a great option to add a hint of colour into a room without overpowering a space, as it’s a more muted tone that can be paired so well with neutrals. Ideal for living and dining rooms, Newgrange is a beautiful, earthy-toned pink, that gives you a rush of colour and warmth.

Dolores Farrell, Interior Designer & Colour Consultant at Brady’s of Greystones, explains why Newgrange is a must. “I absolutely love Newgrange! It is one of my go to colours. A fabulous brown, pink that works so well in many rooms. It is also a lovely addition to grey schemes for a quick update.”

Colour: Lowland (Walls)

For those looking for a new neutral, Lowland radiates an undeniable sense of calmness and tranquillity. A beautiful alternative tone that will create an open atmosphere, Lowland works in harmony with soft earthy colours, like Newgrange and Mucky Swan, as well as deeper shades, such Petrol. An ideal colour option for a fresh feel in bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms.

Lowland is a great colour to use as a base neutral in a room, it has a subtle brown undertone which gives a nice warmth. Lowland pairs so well with a variety of different colours, especially the darker tones.” describes Mary Kelly.


Looking for more colour inspiration? Check out Colourtrend’s blog, The Trend follow their social channels @colourtrendpaints.

To see the full Colourtrend range or find your nearest UK Colourtrend stockist, visit: https://www.colourtrend.co.uk

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