Barbiecore: How to incorporate the new hot pink design trend into your home

by Francesca
  • Barbiecore is the biggest trend of the moment, with the upcoming release of the new “Barbie” movie in July 2023.
  • From electric pink statement walls to pale pink cabinets and hot pink accessories, Wren Kitchens reveal their top tips for taking on the Barbiecore trend.

As one of the most iconic pop culture figures of all time, and with the new “Barbie” movie set to hit our screens in July next year, it’s hard to deny that Barbiecore is trending across fashion, beauty, and home design, with bold pops of hot pink showing up all over social media and in real life. In fact, searches for the term “Barbiecore” have increased by 3172% in the last 12 months.1

Needless to say, fans are keen to infuse as much of Barbie’s signature pink style into their own homes, especially their kitchens. So, to help turn dull homes into Barbie dreamhouses, the UK’s number one kitchen retailer, Wren Kitchens, has revealed their top tips for introducing the Barbiecore aesthetic.

Top tips to pull off Barbiecore in your kitchen:

  1. Make an electric pink statement

Whether it’s a stand-out kitchen island, a tiled backsplash, or a statement wall, add some electricity to your kitchen by introducing a vibrant hot pink. Don’t want something so extreme? Adding some electric pink appliances, like a microwave, kettle or even a fridge, is a great way to make a once-dull space feel lively and refreshed.

  1. Pale pink painted cabinets and pink marble worktops

If you’re a little more colour-shy, don’t worry – Barbiecore doesn’t have to be all about splashing electric pink all over your kitchen walls. Instead, give your kitchen a subtler, Scandi-style Barbie makeover with pale pink painted cabinetry and delicate pink marble worktops.

  1. Add pink on the floors

Not wild about committing to pink kitchen cabinets? Inject some Barbie fun into your kitchen space with a pink floor. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a vibrant sea of bubble-gum pink; instead, try experimenting with different shades and patterns. Think soft pink floorboards, a baby pink checkerboard or candyfloss pink tiles.

  1. Two-tone pink

If you’re concerned going all out pink might be a bit too much, balance your bubblegum colour palette with some white or a softer pink shade. One of the most straightforward ways to incorporate different shades into your kitchen is by painting the bottom cabinets one colour and the top cabinets another, creating a two-toned Barbiecore kitchen.

  1. Dual-coloured kitchen

Not looking to pare back the pink? Why not be even bolder by introducing another colour into the mix. You could opt for lime green appliances, a sunshine yellow splashback or a Ken-blue kitchen island.

While using pink in your kitchen might seem like a bold move, it’s such a versatile colour with so many different shades to choose – from the palest baby pinks to the hot pink fuchsias.

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