Howdens launches 2022 ‘Around the home’ guide

by Francesca

The UK’s number one trade kitchen and joinery supplier, Howdens, has launched a handy guide for homeowners to use as inspiration when thinking about how to maximise their space at home. The guide also proves tradespeople with a reference point to use when talking with customers about their projects.

As the cost of living crisis continues to climb, more people are looking to improve the functionality of their homes rather than make longer-term investments like moving or extending. Howdens ‘Around the Home’ guide can be a useful tool for homeowners to explore before and during conversations with their tradesperson.

The downloadable guide includes planning advice, inspiration and suggestions for the must-have products that will help carve out space for extra functionality within existing rooms of the home, such as remote working, restaurant-style dining, relaxation and other activities.

Director of Design and Innovation at Howdens, Tori Summers, gives a preview of what the new guide has to offer:

Home offices

“With flexible, or fully remote working here to stay the need for creating a space that is dedicated to productivity and concentration is becoming a consideration for most homes. 

“Some homes may be lucky enough to have a extra space that can be redesigned completely for creating a home-working space, but if that’s not an option there are clever solutions that can be considered. One such solution might be to incorporate a working space within your kitchen to create a multi-functional set-up. 

“By reconfiguring the available surface area to accommodate a space dedicated for work, and adding more power sockets, a kitchen-office can be used for remote working during the daytime when children might be at school, it also creates a focussed space for them to complete their homework during the evenings.

Utility rooms

“A well-designed utility room can be the secret weapon for any busy home. These spaces help to contain the clutter of our everyday lives, and if they’re an entry point to the main house, they act as a barrier between the outdoors and our inner sanctuary, keeping dirt and debris contained.

“One of the most common uses of a utility room is to use it as a laundry room. Storing your appliances here will free up more useable space in the kitchen where your washing machine and tumble dryer might usually be. It’s also a great space to keep items like irons and ironing boards tucked away and out fo sight.

“Lots of people also choose to include a sink in their utility room as a place to rinse delicates, wash down muddy boots, or carry out emergency houseplant revivals. 

Dining room

“As more people are becoming confident with cooking restaurant-style meals at home, the dining room is becoming more important as a dedicated area for entertaining. Whether we’re celebrating a seasonal holiday, a birthday, or the end of the week, carefully planning the dining room with clever space-saving features will help set the mood for whatever mealtime it is.

“With the inclusion of a custom dresser or sideboard, hosts can make sure that their tablescape items and dinner-serving essentials are always close to hand. Another way to wow guests could be to include a dedicated wine rack, keeping drinks within reach to make sure guests are topped up throughout the night.

Living room

“More than ever the living room continues to be one of the most versatile spaces that we have in our homes. Whether we’re winding down after a long week, gearing up to stream a movie marathon, or even having a home workout, a well-thought-out design can transform a lounge into a space fit for any function.

“One way to really make the most of your living room space is to incorporate built-in base units, these can either be standalone or form part of a dedicated media wall. Perfect for storing remote controls, throws and blankets, and other essentials out of sight.


“A sanctuary for self-care, the bathroom is a space that does more for the family than keeping everyone clean.  It needs to be designed in a way that can withstand a lot of use and a place for multiple family members’ frequently used products to be kept. The best bathroom designs are those that can stand the test of time while remaining a nurturing and welcoming space.


“The bedroom is the first and last place that we spend time in during our day, so it’s important that it’s a comfortable space that makes it easy for us to relax and unwind. Whether it’s a master suite, guest room, or kids’ den, a bedroom needs to balance function and style while being conducive to sleep.

“Bespoke bedroom storage has become the go-to for homeowners looking to carve out space for everyday clutter. By creating a place to store and hide the mess, you’ll be able to fall asleep in a tidy and comforting environment.”

The full Howdens Around the Home guide provide tips, planning advice and inspiration for making the most of the space that you have, from clever design hacks to practical storage solutions. Howdens designs products to suit every home, no matter the size, style or budget.

To download a copy of the Howdens Around The Home guide head to

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