Baxi Parent Company BDR Thermea Group acquires Fortes Energy Systems

by Francesca

BDR Thermea Group, a leading global manufacturer of smart indoor climate solutions and parent company of the UK heating solutions manufacturer Baxi, has acquired heat network company Fortes Energy Systems.

Fortes Energy Systems is an internationally active specialist in collective heat and cold networks for residential, utility and industrial use and the acquisition represents the group’s expansion of its energy transition solutions portfolio for customers. Its solutions combine a comfortable indoor climate, high hot water comfort, optimal system efficiency and low energy consumption.

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Strengthening BDR Thermea’s expertise in heat networks, Fortes Energy Systems’ product portfolio includes heat interface units, delivery stations for heat and cold distribution systems, and distributors for underfloor heating and cooling. For Baxi in the UK, the acquisition represents a strengthening of its sustainable heating expertise and technologies to support with the energy transition in homes and commercial premises.

Heat networks are among the most cost-effective ways of reducing carbon emissions from heating, benefiting from economies of scale and taking advantage of local waste heat opportunities. Heat networks will play a key role in decarbonising heating, alongside heat pumps, hybrids and in time, hydrogen technologies.

Karen Boswell, Managing Director of Baxi UK and Ireland, said: “At Baxi, we are well equipped to drive forward sustainable development across the full range of low carbon heating and hot water solutions thanks to the expertise here and from BDR Thermea in Europe. With acquisitions such as these, we can strengthen across multiple solutions and provide our customers with the products, expertise and training they require to decarbonise heat in the UK. We know there is no silver bullet technology to decarbonise heat, so the stronger we can be across heat networks, heat pumps, hybrid systems and hydrogen technology, the better we can support in the energy transition.”

Bertrand Schmitt, CEO of BDR Thermea Group, said: “The world needs a mix of technologies if we are to successfully decarbonise heating. In fact, at BDR Thermea we often talk about what we call 4H: heat pumps, hybrids, hydrogen and heat networks. Bringing Fortes Energy Systems into BDR Thermea means we can offer the full range of options to help accelerate the energy transition for heating.”

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