Cool Blues with Cullifords

by Francesca

Cool, calm and refreshing, blue has been a popular shade within interior design for a number of years. Whether used as a kitchen worktop, a bathroom splashback or even a feature wall in a bedroom, a striking blue surface is guaranteed to add the wow factor to both residential and commercial interiors.

A visually arresting type of granite, Katuba Blue is characterised by its distinctive black, blue and white veining. As near to a piece of art as you can get in a stone, this beautiful surface will act as a stunning feature wall in a bedroom, especially when paired with blue upholstery and gold accessories, as seen here. One of Cullifords’ most luxurious and impressive stones Katuba Blue will also create a beautiful focal point in the bathroom. A mixture of blue and black on a white background, this remarkable stone will work exceptionally well with a contemporary bathroom scheme in a similar colour palette.

A unique marble from China with horizontal topographical patterning in black, silver and white, Silver Wave is a truly exquisite surface choice that will complement chrome accents and white surfaces in both the kitchen and the bathroom. Seen here featured on the side of a central island and as a feature wall in the bathroom, it is an eye-catching marble that will add a luxurious and distinctive character to any space.

Sourcing some of the world’s most exotic and finest materials, Cullifords’ range of exceptional fine quality natural and man-made stone is guaranteed to help you make a truly stunning statement. From kitchen splashbacks and worktops to bathroom walls ad surfaces, the arresting detail, rare colouring and striking patterns of Cullifords’ stones will transform any interior into an extraordinarily distinctive scheme.

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