Four ways to transform a generic spare room

by Francesca

Neville Johnson reveals how to convert a standard spare room into a personal haven

When it comes to redecorating the home, it may be difficult to find inspiration. This can be especially daunting when it comes to the spare room. Perhaps you have just moved in and need to fill an empty space, or your children have left home? Perhaps you’ve found that there’s that one room which collects a multitude of items and could do with rejuvenating, or a helping hand to achieve its full potential?

Premium fitted furniture brand, Neville Johnson, has shared its inspiration for spare room renovations. From bespoke walk-in wardrobes to tranquil, luxury vinyl rooms, there are many innovative options to transform a once drab space into one that gives envious wow-factor.


A bespoke walk-in wardrobe is any fashion lover’s idea of heaven. For those who have a large amount of clothing and accessories, a walk-in storage solution is the most practical option. Fitted furniture will transform an empty room into a luxurious personal dressing space that perfectly displays your most treasured pieces. Floor-to-ceiling shelving maximises the height of the room and provides optimal storage for folded items, bags, and shoes. Hanging rails ensure longer clothing such as jackets and dresses will not become creased, and concealed draw storage allows space for neatly organised accessories and smaller pieces.

Bespoke Walk-in Wardrobe


For those who enjoy accommodating overnight guests but struggle with the knowledge that the spare room could be maximised further, fitted furniture allows you to create a modern room that ensures the most comfortable stay. Neville Johnson’s contemporary bedroom painted in its unique colour, Willow, for example, can be tailored to all shapes and sizes of room. The over bed built-in storage completely maximises space for both guests and your own belongings. An integrated vanity unit makes the perfect area to enjoy getting ready in the morning, with the fitted wardrobe nearby for optimised storage.

Contemporary Willow Bedroom


Fitted furniture can be configured to the most awkward of spare room spaces, even within the loft. This may be difficult to visualise when there are awkward corners and sloping ceilings however, the task can be simple. The furniture is designed to fit the exact measurements of any room, making it completely bespoke. A modern loft home office is ideal if you work from home and need a personal and organised space. The wall-to-wall storage instalment creates a mass amount of space. Doored cabinets tuck away electrical and larger items, while open shelving allows for decorative pieces. The free-standing workspace completes the room, providing a productive work environment.

Modern Loft Home Office


Nothing says luxury like a tranquil bespoke vinyl record room, perfect for music enthusiasts who need extra space for their collection. A personalised space to relax and unwind is the ideal makeover and wall-to-wall storage allows you to display your most treasured records and gives easy access. Closed cabinets conceal technology, meaning the space can remain clutter free.

Neville Johnson has a vast range of colours and finishes to tailor the design to your own taste. The calming Dewberry shade embodies the tranquil atmosphere that a vinyl room forms, paired with an Oxford Oak finish that completes the element of luxury.

Vinyl Room

Senior Designer at Neville Johnson, Simon Tcherniak, said: “When it comes to the spare room, you can create so much more than just a basic guest space. Fitted bespoke furniture is the most effective way to transform a room. It allows you to create something that completely fits the space, your needs and your aesthetic.”

With over 35 years’ experience in designing premium fitted furniture, Neville Johnson is the market leader in bespoke home renovations. Offering free design visits and free design brochures, the brand’s furniture renovations combine the flair of the UK’s top designers with the time-honoured skills of traditional craftsmen, all brought together with your personal selection of materials, colours, and finishes.

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