Homeowner survey demonstrates demand for sustainable and efficient windows

by Francesca

Following a recent survey stating homeowners consider double glazing the most important internal sustainable feature when moving home, installers and fabricators should prioritise sustainability and thermal efficiency when considering their product offering.

The research, conducted by UK housebuilder Redrow, surveyed 2,000 people on the single most important internal sustainable feature they would have in their next home. With 26 percent of respondents selecting it as their number-one priority, double glazing was the most popular selection.

According to REHAU, these findings demonstrate that sustainability and thermal efficiency are now key priorities for consumers when selecting their next frames. The polymer solutions provider is therefore encouraging companies within the fenestration industry to adapt their available ranges to fit this increasing demand.

“In order to thrive in today’s challenging business landscape, it is vital that installers and fabricators stay ahead of the curve when it comes to consumer behaviour,” says Russell Hand, Head of Marketing & Technical at REHAU Windows. “These findings demonstrate that sustainability remains a key priority for homeowners, so companies need to adapt accordingly and offer eco-friendly window solutions.

“It is with this in mind that solutions providers must ensure they are offering the most eco-friendly frames possible. Insofar as uPVC windows are concerned, installers and fabricators should therefore ensure they source window solutions from socially responsible providers with extensive operations dedicated to recycling older material back into the supply chain, and reducing landfill.”

REHAU has worked long-term to boost its uPVC recycling capacity. Having recently opened its new PVC recycling plant in Runcorn, PVCR Ltd is one of the largest uPVC recyclers in the UK, capable of processing over 13,000 tonnes of postconsumer polymer windows and doors every year.

The survey also highlighted well-sealed windows and doors as the third most popular choice for householders when considering internal sustainable features for their new home, with 17 percent of the vote overall.  Consequently, Russell is encouraging installers and fabricators to consider sustainable materials with excellent thermal efficiency credentials when choosing their window range.

Russell concludes: “The fact such a pronounced portion of Redrow’s survey respondents prioritised well-sealed windows and doors is unsurprising, as these are key areas through which heat can escape. As such, it is crucial key stakeholders in the fenestration industry look at best possible thermal efficiency, as well as sustainability, when selecting solutions to offer their customers.

“Polymer windows, such as those from REHAU, enjoy Window Energy Ratings (WER) of an A and above, and because of the thermoplastic nature of uPVC, they can be recycled several times without significant performance loss. The fact polymer meets these growing customer needs therefore means installers looking to appeal to an evolving market should retain uPVC frames within their portfolio as an appealing option for homeowners.”

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