PORCELANOSA announces Hanover Square opening

by Francesca

PORCELANOSA is delighted to announce that 2021 will see the doors opening to a new UK flagship store located in the historic setting of Hanover Square, Mayfair, London.

Best known for its combination of contemporary design with a proud Spanish heritage, PORCELANOSA chose Hanover Square as the perfect location for its latest design centre.

Named in recognition of the German heritage of King George 1, Hanover Square represents the international reach of London-based designers and is a fitting location for an organisation that proudly holds the Royal Warrant.

The store will be a place to showcase the architectural applications of the product ranges, with cutting edge displays and product settings. Interactivity is a central theme with visitors able to immerse themselves in the possibilities unlocked by the PORCELANOSA design.

This facility is not only hugely impressive in its scale and ambition – it also reflects a confidence in London as a leading design centre both now and into the future.

Architects, designers, contractors and clients: all will be welcome to gain a true appreciation of the sheer breadth of choice available from one of Europe’s best known brands.

PORCELANOSA looks forward to welcoming you through the doors of the new flagship store in 2021.

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