Howdens chooses EyeGym for increased driver training

by Francesca

Howdens, the UK’s number one trade kitchen supplier, has partnered with Dr Sherylle Calder and EyeGym who are specialize in Visual decision making and coordination training.

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  EyeGym, will provide training to improve the safety, driving and decision-making skills of its fleet of drivers.

Founded by Dr Sherylle Calder, EyeGym provides training and testing for businesses and individuals across a range of industries to improve visual cognitive decision-making skills while under pressure. EyeGym’s clients include top-level sports teams and performers such as England’s 2003 World Cup winning Rugby team, and Formula 1 driver Valtteri Bottas and various other clients across the insurance and transport sectors.

Howdens is the first transport-reliant company in the UK to use EyeGym’s training. The relationship has already begun with an in-person session delivered by Dr Calder at Howdens’ facility in Raunds, Northamptonshire. The session introduced the Howdens team to the importance of improved visual coordination in high-pressure jobs such as driving.

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Attendees were also offered the chance to test themselves to give them a benchmark of their current performance and abilities.

Gareth Sterland, Head of Transport at Howdens said: “90% of the information that our drivers process comes through their eyes, and although our drivers already operate to exceptionally high standards when it comes to safety and performance, this training is designed to upskill drivers to be able to identify potential hazards, and to process that information more quickly

“We’re hopeful that it will lead to faster reaction and decision times and identify situations ahead of other road users, giving everyone a better chance of avoiding accidents on the roads. Even a marginal improvement will make the difference and make Howdens’ drivers even safer.

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Regular EyeGym training will become part of Howden’s drivers ongoing training programme.

Dr Sherylle Calder, Founder, EyeGym adds: “It’s brilliant to be working with an organisation such as Howdens, the training that EyeGym provides will help to prepare its drivers for unexpected situations on the road.

“We believe that it will help to counteract the negative effects that have been caused by smartphones and other digital devices, by helping to improve attention, judgement and awareness amongst many other skills.”

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