Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual admin: eporta launches suite of new project management features

by Francesca

eporta, the leading platform for sourcing products and managing interior design projects, announces today the launch of their new project management features, which take designers from inspiration and sourcing right through to creating a schedule, client proposals, invoices, ordering, and payments (all in one place and completely free for interior designers to use).

eporta launched in 2014 as the foremost marketplace for interior design professionals, offering the world’s largest furniture library. Since its conception, the platform has seen nearly 200% year-on-year growth in interior design professionals joining the platform and has become a global thought leader in the interior design industry.

In their latest industry research, eporta discovered that 90% of interior designers find daily admin and project management the most difficult part of their job. This sentiment, paired with the ongoing engagement of the eporta community, led to the development of their new suite of project management features, designed to give designers more time, control, and confidence to manage projects.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our new project management features. Our focus has been on creating intuitive features that make it easier for designers to deliver their complex projects. Working with the design community it was clear a solution that gave them more time and control running their projects and more confidence in the information they relied on was key” says Founder & CEO Aneeqa Khan.

In addition to the existing ability to source and communicate directly with thousands of global suppliers, the new features include:

●      Turning inspiration moodboards into orders within minutes

●      Adding sourced products to project schedules with all the details in one click

●      Easily managing mark-ups, fees, and invoices for a clear financial view, with the option for clients to pay directly

●      Instantly creating schedules that automatically update and generate client proposals, with the ability to control what information is shared

●      Adding products from anywhere, not just from the eporta marketplace

Interior designer, Harriet Hughes, explains

“eporta allows me to take projects from beginning to end. I can discover and source from new brands, easily request quotes, create invoices and pay through the platform. Managing everything in one place makes my life easier.”

“We want to empower designers by ensuring they have the accurate details they need in the one place, so they can focus on the bigger picture,” says Khan. “They want to spend less time on the tedious data input and more time being creative. We want that too.”

“Using eporta saves me time, avoids mistakes from manual updates, and gives me the confidence that I have the information I need to deliver projects. Being able to see everything in one place (not just products I’ve sourced from eporta but being able to upload products from anywhere) simplifies everything. Client proposals, lists, and schedules that automatically change when there’s an update from a supplier have been invaluable – I couldn’t imagine running a project any other way!” commented Emma Irvine of Emma Irvine Interior Design.

eporta is the easiest way to source products and manage interior design projects all in one place, giving designers more time, control and confidence to deliver great design.

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