The Aquarea air source heat pump – Panasonic’s quiet revolution in providing heating…

by Francesca

As many of us get used to the reality of spending more time at home, the benefits of having a quiet, yet extremely efficient heating and domestic hot water system have become more obvious.

Switching technologies from traditional systems powered by Mains Gas, Oil or L.P.G. to an Air Source Heat Pump can deliver significant cost savings, improvements to heating performance and low sound levels, thanks to Panasonic’s Aquarea Heat Pump Range this is possible.

According to independent tests, the Panasonic Aquarea J Generation R32 Mini Monobloc range and 16kW Bi-Bloc T-Cap Super Quiet air-to water heat pumps have been confirmed to have impressively low levels of noise when in operation.   

The independent testing was carried out by the Danish Technological Institute in Denmark with results confirming that the new Aquarea Monobloc 5kW, 7kW and 9kW Super-Quiet Bi-bloc 16kW T-CAP Aquarea Air-to-water heat pumps came out with market leading low noise levels, with 60dB(A)1 whilst operating at full load. The tests were carried out for the sound power level according to EN 12102-1:2017 for full load and Quiet mode 3 at A7/W55. In Quiet mode operation, Aquarea heat pumps can operate at a further 4dB(A) reduced noise level.

Aquarea A2W Heat Pumps are proving popular with developers looking to provide highly efficient heating and hot water, whilst also providing homeowners with a reliable system offering long-term energy savings.  Ivor Farnworth, Managing Director of Primrose Developments commented “We recently looked into several systems but found the Panasonic Aquarea T-Cap heat pumps to be very quiet compared to competitors, aesthetically pleasing and have been impressed with the performance of the product.”

Tony Lathey, Air-to-Water Product Specialist for Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions UK added, “We are delighted by the recent findings of these test results, we knew the units were quiet but independent results confirm the Aquarea as a market leader for low noise and quiet operation. Considering the fact that we have all been spending more time at home and there is a big push for more renewable heating and cooling solutions such as air source heat pumps, it’s clear that issues such as noise levels is of upmost importance. Aquarea delivers on both performance and efficiency and with a wide range of units to choose from, there is an option available for most project needs.”

Along with low noise levels, the new Aquarea R32 monobloc has MCS SCoP figures of 5.073 along with CoP figures of 5.574.

Aquarea Super Quiet 16kW T-CAP (Total Capacity) delivers outstanding efficiency in heating and domestic hot water supply. This unit can supply all the heating and domestic hot water to a 450m2 new build property. Panasonic Aquarea Heat pumps can be connected to radiators, underfloor and fan assisted radiators to deliver heating in the winter, plus dedicated cooling can be provided during the summer if required from the units. The wide range from 3kW to 16kW in Monobloc, Bi-Bloc or All In One, ensures the right model is available for all requirements and designs.    

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