XUL Architecture renovated a three-bedroom apartment in Belsize Park to create more space for a growing family

by Francesca

This upper ground floor apartment went through a complete refurbishment to improve the space and circulation allowing this growing family to get more enjoyment from their home. North London based XUL Architecture were asked to refurbish a three-bedroom apartment in the heart of Belsize Park to allow a family of 3 to use the space as needed for a young family. Within the original layout was a compact kitchen and disjointed layout which was forcing the homeowners to consider moving. Working with XUL they discovered a new love for their home and resolved issues with the layout to make it function with a young child.

The apartment had been renovated over the years removing some of the original features. XUL Architecture were keen to reinstate these features where possible to recognise the architecture of the period. The curved arch was refurbished with a light channel installed drawing focus on the restored joinery.

All of the windows were replaced, along with reinstating ceiling roses, cornicing, high skirting boards and picture rails. Apartment blocks in Belsize Park can often suffer from years of superficial renovations where the structure of the building is overlooked. XUL Architecture instinctively knew where to check for potential issues and discovered that the floor joists were in desperate need of replacing, along with the removal of screed concrete in sections and leveling the flooring throughout.

One key feature was the opportunity to remove a wall and doorway for the kitchen to allow for better circulation, however, in order to comply with fire regulations and Building Control regulations a fire curtain was installed between the curved arch and kitchen. Another opening was glazed to ensure the space was safe.

These challenges are where XUL Architecture excels in North London residential market, bringing their years of knowledge and strong relationships with the local authorities to each project overcoming any issues early in a project so that the final result is respectful of the property and local area.

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