Private family home above a French forest completes renovation of luxury poolside terrace

by Francesca

Hidden within the treetops of a stunning forest estate, a private family home located near the seaside resort of Pyla-sur-Mer, France, has recently completed the renovation of a beautiful balcony terrace using sustainably-sourced Kebony wood.

After the previous terrace surface failed to withstand the regular spray and splash from the property’s private swimming pool, local design studio Nid’Extérieur were tasked with sourcing an alternative decking material that, as well as offering greater dimensional stability, would not compromise on the intimate aesthetic connection between the terrace and the surrounding woodland.

Kebony, a global leader in the production of sustainable wood, was selected to provide the new decking material for this luxurious renovation. Following successful installation of Kebony, the redesigned terrace remains a platform reaching outwards from the main household, creating a large recreational space with stunning panoramic, 360-degree views of the forested canopy that stretches around the home. The length-way arrangements of the wooden slats across the decking also provides an enhanced sense of open space. Light railing on the front and the terrace sides accentuates the only border between the terrace and forest, with the space otherwise creating a seamless extension of the home in belonging with the neighbouring ecosystem.

Kebony is one of the world’s most exciting technology companies, producing the most sustainable and long-lasting alternative to hardwood globally and helping the world reduce its CO2 emissions.

Through its patented dual-modification process, Kebony permanently transforms sustainable softwoods such as pine into Kebony wood – with features that are comparable, and in some cases superior, to those of precious tropical hardwoods, creating a dually-modified wood product that’s made to last.

In addition to its inate sustainable qualities, Kebony wood is also weather resistant, requires little to no maintenance and, over time, depending on exposure to outdoor environmental elements like rain and sunlight, will transform from its rich brown colour to acquire a unique silver-grey patina. The ability for the terrace decking to maintain an attractive visual character, aging in time with the surrounding woodland, was a key factor for the homeowners when commissioning the project, in addition to the absence of artificial resins or splinters in the new Kebony decking, which offers additional peace of mind for the safe leisure of the family’s children, in and around the swimming pool.

Damien Demont, Co-Manager of project designers Nid’Extérieur, commented: “The Neo-Basque aesthetic of this house offers a style that is placed within the natural environment. This project wanted to be respectful of the surrounding forest, while also providing a wood that could withstand regular interaction with the swimming pool. Kebony wood met these requirements from the family, in addition to being environmentally friendly, very stable and requiring minimal maintenance.

Nina Landbø, International Sales Manager at Kebony, added: ‘’Across the world, Kebony continues to see a growing demand for home renovations built to maintain connections between property and the environment. We are delighted to see Kebony selected as the choice of decking material at this stunning project, and we wish the owners the continued enjoyment a luxury home leisure facility enhanced by a resonant feeling of belonging within their natural surroundings.’’

Images: Damien Demont

Designers: Nid’Extérieur

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